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Daves favourite horror movies etc.



The Wicker Man.

The Exorcist

The Gift.

Silence of the Lambs.



The Dark.

The Hallow.

The Mothman Prophesies

I am not a serial killer.

Films and TV in no particular order.


The Good, The Bad

and The Ugly.


The Prisoner (UK)

The X Files

Waking the dead

Bates Motel


Here is a video shot and edited by Dave G.

The Panther Girls dancing to Shrag's ..."Talk to the Left"

which also featuring members of the band.

It was made for Purr records. Bath.

( I am pleased that I was asked to shoot this video as I love the band Shrag. The Panther Girls regularly performed in between band sets at Moles Cub here in Bath. Sorry about the poor quality of the video. DG )

Daves favourite bands




David Bowie.

The Pixies.

Clan of Xymox.


Mind In A Box.

The Beatles.







I am in the process of putting together a new Zine. I will post an information page on this site nearer the publication date. (DG)

Dave was born in Bath, England. He attended Bath Art Secondary School. He co founded the 4AD band BEARZ. More rcently he has been making Horror movies.

Dave G.