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Bearz INFO......Bearz Rainbow Warrior album has been re-mastered and produced on CD ready for release  when life gets back to normal (2020).


Also we are putting together a compilation CD album of Bearz archive material, including tracks  from the "Gone" and "Velveteen" CD,s.


Bearz members 1979 were

John Goddard, David Gunstone,

Mark Willis and David Lord.

Single = "She's my girl" and "Girls will do"

Axis - 4Ad -  WEA records produced by David Lord.


Bearz members 1984

David Gunstone and Mark Willis.

Single = "Darwin" and "Julie"

Occult records Produced by Glenn Tommey.


Guest vocals on later tracks from

Alisha Owens and Amber Sulis.

I have plans to produce new Bearz tracks for a new album in the forseeable future. Unfortunately I am  over commited with other projects for a while yet. Also I have plans for another album, something a bit different. ( I wish I had time to get on with it right now.) Thanks for looking at our web site.

( DG )

BEARZ songs on Youtube

Bearz 1980 cover Bearz 1980 reverse Bearz 1984 Darwin cover Bearz 1984 Darwin reverse RW cover reverse Bearz - Rainbow Waeeior cover 2008 Bearz - Gone CD cover Bearz - Velveteen CD  cover

GONE   cd


Cover of 1980 Bearz single Axis 02 , "She's my girl" and "Girls will do"" Download available from 4AD records.

1984 Darwin / Julie.

Single on Occult records.

BEARZ Rainbow Warrior

4AD 1980