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There are plans to Re-master the 2008 Bearz

Rainbow Warrior album for CD release.


Also a compilation CD album of other previous

Bearz tracks, including Velveteen, Samhain and

The Night.


Bearz 1979 were

John Goddard, David Gunstone

Mark Willis and David Lord.


"She's my girl" and "Girls will do"

Axis - 4Ad records produced by David Lord.


Bearz 1984

David Gunstone and Mark Willis.

"Darwin" and "Julie" Produced by Glenn Tommey.


Guest vocals on later tracks from

Alisha Owens and Amber Sulis.

I have plans to produce new Bearz tracks for a new album in the forseeable future. Unfortunately I am  over commited with other projects for a while yet. Also I have plans for another album, something a bit different. ( I wish I had time to get on with it right now.) Thanks for looking at our web site.

( DG )

BEARZ songs on Youtube

Bearz 1980 cover Bearz 1980 reverse Bearz 1984 Darwin cover Bearz 1984 Darwin reverse RW cover reverse Bearz - Rainbow Waeeior cover 2008 Bearz - Gone CD cover Bearz - Velveteen CD  cover



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