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Vampire Dawn and Doomsditch DVD 's

and streaming option will be

available soon from E-shop.


"Vampire Dawn"    

  Directors cut"  




Both DVD's PAL region 2  

Available  to stream soon.                                  


Doomsditch trailer

Thank You Claire at Future Bright. Bath Karla 01 (web) Jess and Rob

A big Thank You

to our Executive Producer

Cherry Mathys

Jess as the vampire - Karla

Vampire Dawn Cloudia and Monica (web) Jess

Daves band Info on myspace -BEARZ

Jessica Warlow as Karla.

We are amateur film makers called Moon Rising Movies. We operate on shoe string budgets.  We make Horror movies because we love them. We dream of becoming a an established Film company some time in the future. Thank you for checking out our little website.